A Poem by Hans Roseman

Up and down the rabbit hole
Her heart an awful flutter
From elated peace and joy
To thoughts that make you shudder
A visionary yes it’s true
Though execution lacking
Her mind on loop and stop, repeat
The worries they just keep stacking
So send her to the looney bin
Lets give her drugs, she’s sick
Lock her up, throw out the key
That will do the trick
Though cold and dim and very quite
Her mind at peace at last
This suppression brings her still
Hush the demons from the past
Perhaps someday a light will shine
Her minds flowers begin to grow
Can she keep bad thoughts at bay
Alas she will never know.

*I wrote this a few weeks ago, when feeling down. I decided not to publish because it is gloomy AF. But today, in a happy frame of mind, I like it and I feel happy to share.

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