Oh shit, here we go….

Hey ho, here we gooooo.

Here goes the first step out into the blinding lights of the world wide web. I must be mad…

I can honestly say I am frightened to start this blog, I am exposing myself like fresh raw skin to a parching sun.

I may as well run outside in my fluffy mum dressing gown and flash the neighbours, which is something past me would have done in a heart beat while ‘having fun’ on a boozy bender.

Yet here I am, writing this blog to share my past, be mindful in my present and be visual about my future.

How did I get here? Well arn’t you in for a treat. I am fully prepared to share my trash tramp past, all of the highs and even more juicey, my all time lows.

However for now lets just say out of the lengthy list of reason why I have decided to quit alcohol, my main inspiriations are to:

  • Be the best, most wonderful mother I can be to my son
  • Stop being an unnecessary ass hole to my loved ones
  • Stop feeding the Anxiety Monster a buffet breakfast
  • Start learning how to be a badass GirlBoss
  • Stop letting alcohol dictate the type of person that I am.
  • Look and feel amazing as opposed to a haggard old rag

So I am basically going to use this blog to voice my emotions, the immediate and long term effects I experience and hopefully start discussions for like minded people so we can establish a support network for each other.

Now that you know why you are here and what you are reading I am going to end this short and sweet first post with a quote.

“I am not taking anything away from my life by quitting alcohol, I am actually giving myself a gift.” – James Swanwick, Entrepreneur

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